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We understand that providing services for trusts, companies and other structures is a long-term commitment that may last for decades. We have the expertise and capability to provide this long-term administration to support your family. There are several key benefits of a trust structure:

Your Business

Benefit from our experience in structuring and managing bespoke solutions for your business

Investment Holding Vehicles

We have experience with the Incorporation and administration of Jersey domiciled investment holding vehicles, to include provision of experienced professional corporate directors, and transaction management.

Property Holding Companies

Jersey has been a destination of choice to hold international property investment via holding structures and is well proven in providing high quality legal, accounting and administration expertise. Property holding entities can be established quickly and cost efficiently with each type of structure providing flexibility to meet the investor's requirements.

Jersey Companies for Acquisition

Jersey companies are considered as a proven vehicle for the acquisition for private equity investment, or the option to invest on behalf of a corporate institution directly.

PromoCardWithHighlights Succession planning

Succession planning

We work with you to deliver a plan that will ensure the smooth succession of your global assets, whether that is for family succession, a charitable legacy or business continuity reasons.

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